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 Yahoo Mail, for many years was one of the world leaders of mail services, today ranks third after Gmail and Outlook, send and receive emails from family, friends, organizations, institutes, etc. from all over the world it was never so easy, we also have other additional services, video calls, share videos, audios and documents with our contacts.

 yahoo sign in
Yahoo Sign up

Without a doubt if you do not have a Yahoo Mail account you should register and create one right now, the reasons are many and we could list them one by one, but just knowing that we are talking about one of the three best existing services is sufficient guarantee that we are going to have a more than optimal service.

Creating a Yahoo account is very simple, but if you have any problems you can contact Yahoo support for help.

As we mentioned earlier, Yahoo Mail is a popular mail service and the third worldwide, it has one billion monthly active users in the world. There are 81 million Yahoo Mail users in the United States alone. The Yahoo Webmail service provides 1TB of free email storage space. The Yahoo Mail service is also available for mobile phones, Android, iOS devices and tablets, etc.

Yahoo Mail, like its main competitors, offers users many functions, including their own scrapbook, search, calendar, contacts and instant messaging, and more. Yahoo Mail offers all its users a flexible and customizable service, their simple and functional email account. As Yahoo Mail users, we can change the subject of our email account to change the appearance of the account. We have tools to organize our email for better understanding and better use.

We can open a Yahoo account from the PC, tables and even from a smartphone

The process of registering in the Yahoo mail service on a PC or desktop computer is really very simple. We only have to enter in our favorite browser and we simply click on “Sign up” to create a new Yahoo mail account. After we only have to complete the registration form on the screen with our personal data, username and password and finally accept the terms and conditions of Yahoo. Finally we will have our Yahoo mail account.