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It’s a bit pointless to talk about Google search and its fame (as far as I’m concerned, they control the world), but are you aware of all the different services offered by Google? You have probably heard about Google search engine; we all use it, and the word “Google” is even used as a verb to mean “search the internet”. But what about their other services? I was shocked when I told my friend that I would send him an email from my Gmail account, and he didn’t know what Gmail was! So, for my friend and anyone out there who hasn’t heard of Gmail or needs a little help getting their Google account set up, this article will explain everything you need to know.
Gmail is Google’s email service which you can use to send or receive emails, just like any other mailing service you might have used before, like Yahoo or Outlook. Having a Gmail account also gives you access to tons of other Google services, like Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google +, and many others. So, let’s find out how to create a new Google account.

First step: Going to the Gmail website

Go to the Gmail website by typing in your browser’s address bar: mail.google.com/, or simply by searching for Gmail in Google search. After navigating to the website, you will see the following page:


Second step: Creating an account

The next step is to click on “Create account” at the bottom of the page. This will lead you to the following screen:

This screen is divided into two parts; the upper part asks for your personal information, including your first and last name, a username (this will be your Gmail email address), a good password, your birthday, your gender and your mobile phone number.

When you choose your username, you have to create a unique one or choose from the suggested usernames displayed by Google. Note that when selecting your password, try to choose a mixture of capital and lowercase letters, as well as numbers and special characters so it is as strong as possible. It should be easy for you to remember, but hard for other people to guess (not your pet’s name, for example). Also, when you confirm your password don’t copy and paste it; type it again just in case you made a mistake typing it the first time. In the mobile phone box, make sure to choose your country if Google doesn’t set it by default.

The second part of this page is to verify that you’re not a robot. For security reasons, Google will ask you to enter some letters or numbers that appear in a picture to make sure you are a real person. You have two alternatives to this step: the first one is to listen to a voice recording and write the code that you have heard, and the second is to skip this step by checking the box above the picture and instead receive a text message for verification on your mobile phone.

After you prove that you’re human, mark the checkbox that says, “I agree to the Google Terms of Service and Privacy policy”. Then click “Next step”.

Third step: Getting into your account

Now it’s time to congratulate you on your new Google account, because in this step you will see the Google welcome screen.


On this page, click on “Continue to Gmail”, and on the next page Google will show you a small presentation about how to use it. You can skip this slideshow but it’s helpful and worth reading if you’re new to Gmail. For more tips and advice, Google will send you three messages by default. Your email is ready to use right now, but if you want to personalize it, you can go to your profile settings and add more information to you Gmail account, including a profile picture that will appear for all your contacts. It’s also worth mentioning that Google provides you with 15 GB of free space in your inbox, so you might never have to delete an email if you don’t want to.

Ready to make a Google account of your very own? Sign up for a new one now; it’s quick, easy and free.

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