Create Hotmail accountHotmail is the No.1 email service from Microsoft, with billions of users around the world and millions of new users every day. It has been rebranded several times in its history, most recently as to compete with Google Mail (Gmail).

Hotmail” has changed its name to MSN Hotmail (1998 – 2006), then Windows Live Hotmail (2007 – 2011), Microsoft Hotmail (2011 – 2012), and finally to Outlook… or Microsoft account, depending on where you look (2012 – present). But they’re all the same thing, and even though it’s officially Outlook now, you can still get an “” email address when you create a Hotmail account.

Create Hotmail Account

Create Hotmail Account

Create Hotmail account

Why get a Hotmail account?

Hotmail is much better than you ever thought, and I’ll tell you how.

The new Outlook is modern with a fresh, clean design that’s intuitive to use, connected with live conversations, productive with free Word, Excel, and PowerPoint web apps built in, not to mention 7 GB of free, private cloud storage. It works on your PC, Mac, phone, and tablet.

There are so many features to talk about in Outlook/Hotmail, such as:

  • Unlimited storage space in your Hotmail inbox, which automatically increases to provide as much storage space as the user needs.
  • Recover deleted messages, which is really helpful if emails were accidently deleted from the inbox, or after a hacked account is recovered.
  • Creating an email alias; if you want to use a temporary email address for a job site that you will dispose of later, or to sign up for online shopping, etc.
  • Instant actions, which are little buttons that appear beside sender names and subject lines in the email message list. This feature saves time, letting you delete, flag, or mark a message as read/unread/junk in one tap without even opening the message.
  • Sign in with a single-use code which you can use instead of a password. This feature is handy when using a public computer. You can request a code when you need one and it will be sent to the mobile number you have added to your Microsoft account for secure login.
  • Renaming your email address.
  • Cleaning your Hotmail inbox with a quick “Sweep”.
  • Sorting e-mails by date, sender, etc.
  • Arranging emails by size.
  • Sending large attachments using SkyDrive.
  • Sending and receiving emails from any POP-enabled Account: Gmail, Yahoo! Mail Plus, etc.

How to create Hotmail account

Creating a Hotmail account is super easy. On the Hotmail website,, you’ll have the option to sign in Hotmail, or to sign up with Windows Live and a Hotmail address. Click the “Sign Up Hotmail” button, and fill out the information requested on the sign up page. Here, you’ll choose your email address, and enter personal and security information. Choose your unique account name in the Microsoft account name field, and select “” for your email domain (default setting is outlook).

You’ll need to create a password. As indicated, it should be at least 8 characters, case sensitive, and numbers are recommended too for greatest security.

Fill in as much additional information as possible to help recover your password in case you lose it.

Agree to the terms of service and privacy policy to complete the process. And voila! You just created a new Hotmail account!

Video Tutorial – Create Hotmail Account

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