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These days, the Gmail sign up process is just as quick and easy as any other free email platform, but that wasn’t always the case.

When Google first released a beta version of to the public, after having used it already for the company’s internal email system, there was a need to keep things small in the early phases of beta testing. This is because Google had decided to offer 1 GB of free storage space for Gmail for every user, which frankly was insane at the time – this is in 2004, when the standard storage space offered in free email was less than 5 MB. Furthermore, the Gmail development team had limited technical resources to support all this storage space.

gmail sign up

Sign up Gmail

Gmail sign up

Invitations for Gmail signup

The solution to this problem was to give only 1000 select people the ability to create a Gmail account when it was first released on April Fool’s Day, 2004. These 1000 users then had the option to send a limited number of Gmail invitations to their family and friends.

The entire beta testing phase for Gmail lasted nearly 5 years, and during that time Gmail sign up invitations were a hot commodity. You couldn’t just go to the website and sign up for a new account unless you had an invitation, and people were even turning to eBay to buy and sell invitations!

Luckily, Gmail sign up invitations are a thing of the past, and you no longer have to go searching for them on eBay or on special invitation swap sites. Today’s Gmail sign up process, as I said, is very quick and easy. In this article, we’ve got step by step instructions for you to create your new Gmail account.

Steps to sign up for Gmail

First, you have the option to sign up for Gmail using their website on your PC or Mac computer, or using their mobile app. You can go to the website by going to, or download the app from your device’s official store (if you have an Android, Gmail should already be installed as a system app).

Whether you go to the website or the mobile app, Gmail will take you to their sign in page, where you would enter your email address and password if you had one. Since you don’t have an account yet, click on the link to “create account” below the sign in box.

  • On the Gmail sign up page, you’ll have to choose your account username/email address, password, and enter some basic information like your name, mobile phone number and an alternate email address. Your username has to be unique, and Google will tell you if you need to try something else because someone has already taken the name you selected.

It’s highly recommended to enter a mobile number and a backup email address; this gives you a way to recover your account in case you ever forget your Gmail password.

  • Finally, type in the Captcha code to prove you’re not a robot, indicate that you agree to Google’s TOS and Privacy Policy, and click the button that says “Next step”.

That’s it! You just signed up for a new Gmail account, and you’ll be taken to your inbox for a quick tour. Don’t forget to check out all the other awesome tools you get with your Gmail account, like Google Drive, YouTube, Calendars, Hangouts, and more.

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