Create Hotmail Account

Create Hotmail Account. If you still do not have an email account, you will need to read this tutorial in which we will explain step by step how to create a Hotmail email account.

First of all we go to the following link:

We have to fill in the blanks with our personal data and as always in tutorials to create accounts, we recommend that you use real data to be able to recover the account in case we lose it in the future.

create hotmail account

create hotmail account

Features of the Hotmail email account

Once we have filled in everything we have to click on the button that says Create account.

Now we will have our account created and we will be connected in our profile if we want to change some personal data or add services or payment methods for any of its services.

How is it to have a Hotmail email account?

To access our personal email, we will have to go to this link:

Once inside we can see our inbox, our spam and messages sent among other things. If we want to send a new mail, we have to go to the button that appears above that says New. A new window will open and we will have to fill in the fields with the recipient, the subject and with the message we want to send.