Create new Gmail Account

Create Gmail Account. There are many reasons why you might need to create a new Gmail account and email address. Maybe you’re interested in having access to all of the useful tools that Google gives you when you sign up Gmail, or maybe you’re tired of constantly reaching your inbox limit on other email platforms with less storage capacity.

Or maybe you just need an email that sounds more professional than – whatever the case may be, Creating a Gmail account is a simple and quick process. All you need to get started is a computer or mobile device with an internet connection, and ideally either a cell phone number or alternative email address for verification/password recovery (more on that later).

Create Gmail Account

Create Gmail Account

Create Gmail Account

How to open a Gmail account

First, start by going to the Gmail homepage. You can get there by typing “” or “” into the address bar of your internet browser, or you can simply search in Google for “gmail” and click on the first link to go to the Gmail landing page.

Now, what you will probably see is a sign-in box where you would enter your Gmail username and password to login to your account if you had one – but don’t worry! Near the bottom of the screen, there will be a link that says “Create gmail account”. Click on it to go to the Gmail registration page.

Creating your new Gmail account

On this page, you’ll enter in your basic information for Gmail create account, such as your name, gender, and date of birth. This is also where you will select your new Gmail username, which will be the first part of your new “” email address. Many people try to incorporate some part of their name and/or initials into their Gmail username, especially if they will be using it as a professional email address on their resume and job applications. This also makes it easier for your contacts to identify you when you send them a message.

But your username also has to be unique, so if you have a common name, you might have to add some numbers or professional info to create a unique username. For example, if your name was John W. Smith, chances are good that “”, “” and “” are already taken. Instead, you could try something like jwsmith0165, or jwsmithphotography, or anything that makes sense for you and your email account.

Once you have your Gmail username picked out, it’s time to create a password. Try to make a strong password that other people won’t be able to guess, but also one that you’ll be able to remember. Google will let you know if your password is too weak; you can make your passwords stronger by adding capital letters, numbers and special characters. When you have a good password, type it in again to confirm.

Google wants you to link to create Gmail account to an existing email address and/or your cell phone number. This adds security to your account and gives you the option of two-step authentication, and will also help you reset your password if you forget it and get locked out of your Gmail account.

Creating your new Gmail account

Gmail create account

Just one more step to setup your Gmail account

Now all that’s left is to check the box indicating that you agree to Google’s TOS, and enter the captcha text to prove you’re not a robot. Click “Next step”… and you’re done! You have a brand new Gmail account with access to Google’s other awesome tools and 15GB of free inbox space.

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