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Create Facebook Account. Facebook – it seems like it’s everywhere, doesn’t it? Practically everyone is using Facebook; for example, while I was waiting at the train station, a 19-year-old boy beside me was chatting.

A girl was reading some posts and laughing from time to time. On the train, an older man asked me what these kids were doing, so I told him that they were on Facebook. He seemed intrigued and asked me for more information about Facebook. He was really interested in making an account and I told him that I could make one for him, but he preferred to make it by himself.

So I got his email and promised to send him a detailed explanation about how to set up his Facebook account. He was able to create his new account in just a few minutes and was very thankful for the tutorial I had written him. If you are interested in making your own Facebook account, too, then I think you will find this guide helpful as well.

Create a Facebook Account

First, go to Facebook main web site by typing in the address bar, or simply search for it on Google search. This is the screen that will show up:

facebook address
We see the following screen

Create Facebook Account

Create Facebook Account

Facebook makes creating a new Facebook account very easy since it displays the sign up page as the home page. (Note: if someone is already logged into Facebook on your computer, you will have to log them out before you can create a new Facebook account for yourself. You can do this by clicking on the down arrow in the upper right-hand corner of the page, and then selecting “log out”.)

Fill in your personal information; you will need to enter your first and last name, an email address or a mobile number, create a new password (try to choose a password that is easy for you to remember, but hard for other people to guess), your birthday and finally your gender.

It’s very important that you enter a valid email address or mobile number as you will receive a confirmation code there to set up your Facebook account. You will also use it to reset your password in case you forget it. Also, when creating your password, try to use a combination of capital letters, lowercase letters and numbers so that it is as secure as possible. And as a final note, your age should be over 18 years to be legal to have an unrestricted account.

After filling in all the required data, click “Sign Up”.

After you click “sign up Facebook”, Facebook will ask you if you want to add friends through your email. Facebook will sync all of your contacts in this email to if any of them use Facebook and allow you to send them friend requests. You can add friends through Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail and any other email service you want to add. It is a very convenient way to start building your Facebook friends list, but if you want to skip this step, just tap “Next”.

Facebook Create Account

Facebook Create Account

In the next step, Facebook will ask you to upload your profile picture. While you can technically add any photo, it is preferable to add a clear photo of yourself at the beginning so that your friends and family recognize you. In this same step, Facebook will ask you again to add friends via the email address you entered in the first step. It will also offer to give you a tour of your privacy settings to adjust them or just become familiar with your options. Facebook does change their privacy options and default settings from time to time, so it’s a good idea to take this tour so you know what’s what.

Sign up Facebook

Sign up Facebook

Upload your desired photo by clicking “Add Picture” and choose one from your computer, or click “Take a Photo” to take a new one with your webcam.

You may also be asked to upload a “cover photo”, which is a large, widescreen picture that will go at the top of your profile. This picture can be basically anything you want (within Facebook guidelines, of course) – some people put another picture of themselves, maybe with friends or family, while other people put pictures of other things or places that are meaningful to them.

After creating your Facebook account

That’s it! Congratulations, you can now use your Facebook account to keep in touch with contacts all around the world, send messages and share your news with everyone you love.

Your account is all set up, but if you want to make it easier for people to find you, you’ll want to add in some information on your profile. If you are in your “news feed”, you can always access your profile (the one your friends can see) by clicking on your name in the upper right-hand corner. To edit or add information, click on “About”, or use any of the suggested links in the sidebar (if available).

Here, you can set whether you want your birthday to be displayed publicly (your friends will have a notification on their newsfeed when it’s your birthday if you leave it public). You can also add the city that you live in, your home town, any other cities that you’ve lived in – the point of this is to make it easier for people to find you, especially if you have a common name. Same goes for adding where you went to school, jobs you have worked at, etc.

You can also add and edit relationship information, like choosing your relationship status, and tagging contacts who are related to you. If you want to meet new people with similar interests, you might be interested in filling in things you like: music, movies, books, artists, athletes, personal heroes, favorite quotes, etc. And for those of you who like to get everything out in the open, you can even add important life events to your timeline/biography.

All of this is optional, of course, and you can choose who is able to see it from the privacy settings we talked about earlier.

Once your profile/timeline is all set up with all the information you want to share, you can start seeing what your friends are up to in your newsfeed. Facebook has a formula to decide what will appear in your newsfeed (partially based on the things/friends that you interact with most often), which sort of gives you an overview of the latest posts from your contacts in your Facebook account. You can see what any friend in particular has posted by going directly to their profile, where you can also see their photos, information, etc.

Video tutorial – Create Facebook Account

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