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Yahoo Sign In

You might be permanently logged in to your Yahoo account on your personal computer, but what if you need to sign into Yahoo on a friend’s computer, at work, or at the library? What if you just got a new smartphone or tablet and want to use it to sign into Yahoo? In this article, we’ll guide you through the entire Yahoo sign in process from start to finish.

Yahoo sign inYahoo Sign In

Signing in to Yahoo on another computer

If you need to log into Yahoo at work to check your email, or at a friend’s house to see what movies are playing nearby, or for any reason at all, here’s what you need to do:

Open any internet browser and go to the homepage at Up in the corner of the screen, there should be a Yahoo Sign in button. If it says your name, that means you’re already signed in. If it says someone else’s name, that means that they are currently logged in and you’ll need to log them out. Just click on their name and select “Sign out”.

Now, click the “Sign in” button to go to the Yahoo login page. Here, you’ll need to type in your Yahoo ID (username/email address) and your account password.

If other people use this computer besides you, you’ll want to uncheck the option that will make you “stay signed in”. When you uncheck the box, you’ll be automatically logged out when you close the browser window, even if you forget to log out manually.

As long as you’ve entered your email address and password correctly, click the “Sign in” button, and you are now signed in to your Yahoo account!

Signing in to Yahoo on a new mobile device

Let’s say you always use Yahoo for email, weather, news, stock market info, and more, and you’d like to sign into your Yahoo account on your smartphone or tablet.

First, you need to download the Yahoo Mail application from your device’s official store (i.e. Play Store for an Android phone or tablet, App Store for iPhone, etc.). The first time you launch the app, you’ll be prompted to sign in to Yahoo using your existing email address and password, just like you would on the computer.

Now, just tap the “sign in” button to be taken to your Yahoo Mail inbox!

If you want to use Yahoo’s other services on the go, they have separate apps for:

  • Email
  • News, sports & entertainment
  • Messenger (instant messaging/chat)
  • Weather
  • Yahoo search

Depending on your device, you may or may not have to sign into Yahoo separately for each of these apps. However, once you’ve signed into Yahoo the first time on your mobile device, you’ll remain logged in all the time (unless you uninstall the app, of course), so you won’t have to enter your ID and password every single time you check your phone.

And that’s that! Now you can sign into Yahoo from anywhere, whether it’s a computer or a mobile device, and get access to this great, free email service that has stood the test of time.


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Create Yahoo Account

Yahoo! is one of the top reliable and long-standing email services – and of course, it’s free, fast, and easy to set up. If you don’t have a Yahoo mail account, you can create one from the Yahoo website on your computer or from the Yahoo Mail mobile app on your smartphone or tablet. Then, set up your new account just the way you want, and enjoy the all of Yahoo’s features, and the best ever experience for staying in touch with everyone with an attractive interface and high security.


Create a Yahoo Account

Creating a new Yahoo account on the Yahoo Mail mobile app

Download the Yahoo mobile app from your device’s store: App Store for iOS, Play Store for Android, etc. Install the app just like you normally do, then open it to set create a Yahoo account.

At the initial launch, you will be asked to sign in or create an account. If you don’t have a Yahoo Mail account yet, select “Create Account”. You will be brought to the “Sign up” page in a new window/screen. This is where you will be asked to enter some fairly standard personal information: your name, birth date, mobile number, and gender.

Choose a unique username which will be your main Yahoo Mail username and ID/email address. Then, create your password when your username is accepted. On the next screen, Yahoo will ask to verify that you’re real with a valid mobile number. By tapping “Send SMS” button, a verification code will be sent to your mobile number. Once you receive it, type it in place in the verification window and tap the “Submit code” button to proceed.

And that’s it, you’re all done! Now you are signed into your new Yahoo account, and you can start setting it up and using it.

(Note: creating a Yahoo account on your computer uses almost exactly the same steps, but instead of downloading the app in the first step, you’ll start by going to and clicking “sign in”.)

How to set up your Yahoo account

Your newly created Yahoo account gives you lots of options to personalize things exactly the way you like them. You can set up the options of viewing your email, for example: “Enable conversations” to display the entire email thread in chronological order, or “Show snippets” to display a short overview of your messages while viewing them.

You can choose your multitasking preference, message list density, set up the “Read” flags, change your “Message Handling”, personalize your “Writing Email” options, and save time by “Automatically adding new recipients to Contacts”. You can also adjust the font and font size you like to use for composing your messages, and set a default signature to go with all your sent messages.

The most important way to optimize and streamline your email is to make groups of emails, either by topic, by sender, or by date. Or, you can make special folders for certain senders – whichever way makes most sense for you.

After creating folders and nicely cleaning out your Yahoo inbox, you can easily keep it tidy and organized. When you get a new email, it will go right into your empty inbox. But you can also use email filters so that certain senders go to their specific folders. Plus, you can filter incoming emails according to certain words or phrases within the header, recipient or “CC” fields, the subject line, or even in the text within the body of the email itself.

Read more on: How to create a Yahoo account



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How to create a Yahoo account

There is no doubt that Yahoo is well known worldwide for its amazing services; it provides users all around the world with a great search engine and many other services and sites, such as: mail, news, finance, sports, celebrities and many more for you to discover.

yahoo home

Create a Yahoo account

Don’t have a Yahoo account yet? Well, you don’t have to wait any longer! After reading this article, you will be able to create your own free Yahoo account with this easy, step by step tutorial. It will only take a few minutes and will be well worth your time. Best of all, it’s completely free!

1) The first thing you have to do is type in the address bar of your browser, whether you are using an Android phone, iPhone, tablet or your personal computer. You can also search for something like “Yahoo registration” or “Yahoo sign up”.

2) If you didn’t enter the URL address directly, then you will choose “Yahoo registration” from the search results as shown in the picture below:


Now you are ready to create your free account.

3) After clicking on “Yahoo registration” a new window or tab will open:


Now all you have to do is fill the empty fields.

You should make sure that you are entering correct information about yourself, so that your friends and family can easily find you.

Write your first name. As you can see, you can’t escape that “required” field.

I recommend that you use your real name, so that you will be recognizable by your family and friends.

Write your last name, again, using your real name will ensure your contacts will recognize you.

Next, you will need to choose your Yahoo username; it should be unique and memorable. If you’re stuck for ideas, I recommend using a familiar name with a number like You don’t need to add “ ” since it is already there.

Note: good choices for numbers could be the last few digits of your phone number or your birthdate.

Select your password; make sure that you are using more than eight characters to make your password strong enough. Your password should be easy for you to remember but hard for others to guess. If you contain personal details in your password, for example, your pet’s name, make sure you add numbers and special characters so hackers can’t guess it.

Add your mobile phone number; it must be 100% correct and don’t forget your country code and area code.

Add the day, month and year of your birth.

Select your gender, male or female.

Add an optional recovery phone number in case you forget your password and need it texted to you. You can skip this step if you want. Add your relationship with the owner of that phone number.

Finally: click on the “create account” button.

After creating your Yahoo account

Congratulations! Now you have set up your new Yahoo account and you can enjoy the many different services offered to Yahoo members.

One of the first things you’ll want to do is add contacts so that the people you email most often are saved in your Yahoo account. From your inbox, go to the upper left-hand corner and you should find an icon that looks like a little address book. Clicking on this will take you to your contacts tab, which will list all your existing contacts and give you options to add new ones.

Your Yahoo account conveniently lets you import contacts from other places, like Gmail and Facebook. You can also add new contacts manually by clicking on the “new contact” button in the upper left-hand corner.

Then, get started writing your first email by clicking the “compose” button! You can keep it simple or add lots of text formatting options, and even choose some fun “stationary” for the background of your message.

Once you start receiving emails, you’ll want to take a look at the different options Yahoo gives you to sort and organize your received messages, in folders, by archiving, etc.

If you want a really comprehensive tour of the basic functionality of your new Yahoo account, check out the automatic email that you’ve received from Yahoo with the subject “Yahoo 101” – it will walk you through all the different things you can do with your Yahoo username, including the various mobile apps you can download to your smartphone or tablet.

Otherwise, feel free to explore. You’ll see that up by the “contacts” button, there is also a calendar, notepad, Yahoo! Messenger, and a newsfeed. You also get your own personalized Yahoo homepage whenever you’re signed in to your account, which will show you relevant news stories based on your location, and other cool stuff like a stock tracker personalized with your “watch list” of stocks.


Video Tutorial

Yahoo Official site

Yahoo Login



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