You may think that Tumblr is just like any other social media website. Well, you are definitely going to change your mind after using it.
With millions of both visitors and actual users, Tumblr is the world’s most multimedia-interactive content sharing website.

You can follow other users, share what other people post, and unlike Facebook and flickr you don’t need to download pictures or videos you want to blog – just click “re-blog”… how easy is that? By using the “re-blog” button, you can share somebody else’s post so everyone can see it. You can follow other people’s blogs and people can re-blog your posts as well, and the number of re-blogs shows how important or “popular” you are in the Tumblr world. You can also make your blogs private, if you’re so inclined.
To use Tumblr, you can go to the website from your personal computer or even use the app on your mobile device.

If you’re accustomed to Facebook, Tumblr may seem a bit messy at first glance and you may think that it looks overly complicated, but I guarantee that after signing up for your account you are definitely going to change your mind.
Get ready to a totally new experience that is different from any website you have ever used before. You still can visit other people’s blogs on Tumblr without signing up for an account of your own, but to blog yourself you will need to create an account. As you will see in this easy tutorial, setting up your new Tumblr account is simple and only takes a few minutes. Did I mention it’s free?
So let’s get started!

1) First, you will need to go to your browser’s address bar or Google search and type: “”  :

The first thing you will see after typing the Tumblr URL and reaching the Tumblr home page is the sign up form.

2) All you need to do now is fill in the form by entering your email address, a new password (make sure to make it strong enough by using more than eight characters, preferably a combination of upper case letters, lower case letters, numbers and special characters), and then add your desired username.
Tumblr may ask you to choose from some available usernames; you still can use your own username, as long as it isn’t taken by anyone else. Be creative and come up with something unique!

When you’re finished with that, click “sign up”, and the screen below will appear.

3) Tumblr will ask you to enter your age and to confirm that you have agreed to their terms of service by checking the box. If you want to read the terms of service, simply click on them.

4) Click “Next” and a new screen will pop up to make sure that you are not a “robot”. Just click inside the circle to prove that you’re human.

After that, click on the blue “Almost Done!” button and you are actually done.
Congratulations! Now you have a shiny new Tumblr account and you are officially considered a Tumblr member. Enjoy!


Tumblr Official site

Tumblr Login

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