Netflix is the leading subscription service in the world for watching TV shows and movies online and on your favorite mobile device. As a part of your Netflix membership, you can instantly watch limitless episodes of TV shows and movies from anywhere with an internet connection.
If you aren’t subscribed to Netflix yet, sign up and start the fun immediately with a one-month free trial.

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Create a Netflix account

For mobile users, after downloading the Netflix app on your device, tap the icon to launch. Otherwise, just go to to get started. You will be prompted to sign up for a free trial if you haven’t already subscribed.
If you are already a Netflix member, you can enter your username (email) and password to log in and start watching right away.
If you are not already a member, you can choose to take the free one-month trial, and watch whatever you want, whenever you want and cancel any time you want. If you choose to subscribe and get the free month, you will be given three options to choose what kind of subscription you want to have after the free month: Premium, Standard or Basic, with the prices and features of each one.
After making your decision, tap or click the “Continue” button. Now you’ll be asked to enter your information: email and password, agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, and then tap or click on the “Register” button to complete your subscription and start your free month immediately.
Now you can enjoy an extraordinary experience with all the TV shows and movies that you love, anytime, anywhere! You’ll be amazed by the variety and huge collection of your favorite shows and movies, which are constantly updated with new episodes and releases.

How does Netflix App work?

Being a Netflix member, you can have an unlimited access to TV shows and movies for one low monthly fee. You will be able to choose a Basic subscription for $7.99/month, Standard subscription for $9.99/month, or Premium subscription for $11.99/month, with different availability of some features like HD, Ultra HD, number of screens to watch at the same time, the possibility of using a lap top, phone, tablet or TV, and more. Remember that High Definition (HD) quality depends on the internet service and the device’s compatibility.
Netflix allows you to instantly watch as many TV episodes and movies as you like, as many times as you wish, and at any time you want. New episodes and updates are added regularly to the growing selection of titles and TV shows and movies so you can browse, search, choose and watch whatever you like. Search for the titles you’re interested in, and start watching instantly on any supported device. Rate any shows or movies you’ve seen and Netflix will suggest titles you will probably enjoy to help improve your experience.
Netflix is a simple, easy, and enjoyable service to use. It will capture you with its simplicity and functionality. You’ll be guided through the app and soon find yourself plunging into the immense digital world of TV shows and movies you love.

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