MySpace is a free social network; in fact it is the world’s most interactive, entertainment website ever. You might think of MySpace as “that site you used before Facebook existed”, but it’s really completely different from what it used to be. People all around the nation are rediscovering and loving MySpace. Having a MySpace account offers you a lot of opportunities to share your content with your friends whether it is a song, a video and even your own compositions, for free! Some of you may remember when MySpace said it was “all about the music”, but it wasn’t. That’s changed; now on MySpace you can add friends, and people would add you too to their friends list, as a song writer, a musician, an actor or for any other talent you may have. MySpace is the perfect place for you where you can build your fan base.

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How to Create a MySpace Account

While signing up for MySpace, you can choose to sign up as a musician, in which case you will you have to create a music account.
You can also sign up as a regular person (if you had an old MySpace account and abandoned it without deleting, it’s still there but has been updated to fit the current site’s theme).
To sign up regularly, you will have to visit the MySpace home page by typing the MySpace URL in your browser’s address bar, or searching for MySpace on Google:
Then you are going to choose “Sign up”:

myspace sign up
MySpace will give you the option to sign up with one of your existing social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter or email.

myspace join
Since the Facebook and Twitter options will sign you up automatically, we’ll continue using the email address option. After this step, you will be taken to a page asking you to fill your personal information in the form.
Enter your full first and last name, then choose your username, enter your email, select your gender, and create a new password (don’t forget to make it strong and easy for you to remember). Then set your date of birth, and finally click “Next” to the sentence that says that you have read and accepted the terms of use and consent to the privacy policy, then click “Create account”.
Once you do that you will be taken to this screen:

myspace what

Which asks you to choose, “what you are all about?” You can choose between multiple options, such as a member, musician, designer, etc.
After that, you will be taken to your profile page. Keep in mind that you can make your MySpace page public so everybody can see it, or you can make it private to be seen only by you and friends; you can also choose if you would like to allow people to add you to their friends list or not.

myspace profile

Well that’s it! You’re done creating your new MySpace account, and now you can be a part of this network of millions of musicians, artists and talented people from all around the world. You can make new friends, interact with them and share your content with the entire world, and who knows? You might even become famous on MySpace. Good luck and have fun!

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