How to Open Gmail on an iPhone

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Despite the perennial rivalry between Android and iOS, even iPhone users have to admit that Gmail is a powerful email client. While iPhones and other Apple products do not come with the Gmail app already installed, it’s very easy to setup and open Gmail on your iPhone. In fact, there are two ways to do it, and in this tutorial we’ll show you both of them.

First, you can see how to install and use the official Gmail app on your iPhone. Then, we’ll walk you through the process of integrating your Gmail with the Mail app that comes on your iPhone.

Use Gmail on iPhone with the official app

This is the easiest way to set up and use Gmail on your iPhone. It also gives you complete access to all the functions that Google has given its email platform. However, if you have multiple email accounts from different providers, you may also want to use the second method in this tutorial.

But first, let’s get you set up with the Gmail app.

This really couldn’t be easier: just go to Search on your iPhone, and type in “Gmail”. This will pull up the app in the iTunes App Store so that you can download it.

Then, it’s just a matter of entering your email address and password to log in for the first time if you already have an account. If you don’t, you can create a new one easily inside the application.

Once you have signed into the Gmail app, you won’t need to enter your login information anymore. It will remember you from your last sign-in.

And that’s that—you can get full Gmail functionality on your iPhone directly through that app.

Now, if you want a more integrated approach to your different email accounts, go ahead and follow the steps in the next section to add your Gmail account to the Mail app on your iPhone.

Integrate Gmail with the iPhone Mail app

If you’ve got multiple email accounts and want to be able to manage them all in one place, you can do that by adding them all to the iPhone’s native Mail app.

Make sure you already have created a Gmail account before doing these steps. The point of this process is to integrate an existing email address with your iPhone Mail app, not to create a new one. (You do have the option to create an account this way, but it’s easier if you already have it).

Once you have completed the steps in this section, when you open the Mail app, you will see a list of all your integrated email accounts, including your Gmail account. It will look something like this:

To get started, find the Settings icon on your iPhone, and tap to open.

In the Settings menu, scroll down until you find the option for Passwords & Accounts, and tap to open.

This will open a page where you can select the type of account you want to add to the Mailboxes in your iOS Mail app. Obviously, in this case, you want to select the Gmail icon.

On the next page, you’ll be able to enter your Gmail email address and start signing into your account. (This is also where you can opt to create a new Gmail account if you don’t have one already, by tapping on “Create account”). Type in your email and click “Next”. You’ll enter your password and provide any necessary additional verification on the next page.

Now, your Gmail account should be easily accessible from the Mail app on your iPhone. If you don’t see an icon for it already, you can always use the Search function to easily find it.

What’s the best way to use Gmail on iPhone?

If you’ve done all of the steps in both sections, you can now use both the Gmail app and the Gmail inbox in Mail whenever you like with no problems; anything you do in one will sync to the other.

If you prefer to use only the Gmail app or only Apple Mail, that’s okay, too. Each has its pros and cons, though. For example, you can easily delete emails from your inbox view in Gmail, but in the iPhone Mail app, you have to open the message before you can delete it. On the other hand, Mail makes it very convenient to keep track of all your emails in one place, whether they are from Gmail, Yahoo, Microsoft or Apple.

To get the best of both worlds, we’d recommend using both ways, unless the only email address you really use is your Gmail account. In that case, you’ll be fine just using the Gmail app on your iPhone.


How to create a Hotmail account

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Sign in Hotmail. It’s not very complicated to sign in to Hotmail once you understand a little bit about exactly what it is and its history.

As with most websites, email services, etc., the actual Hotmail sign in process isn’t rocket science, but unlike those other sites, it has undergone so many name changes in the past 20 years or so that it all can get a little confusing. Is it still Hotmail? Well, what’s this Outlook thing then? And what the heck is a Microsoft account??

Sign in Hotmail

sign in hotmail

Sign in Hotmail

So, here’s the thing: they all pretty much mean the same thing these days. Hotmail was acquired by Microsoft in 1997, later becoming “Live” (short for Windows Live Hotmail), and ultimately being merged with MSN services, and the end result of all of this was the new which rolled out a few years ago.

That’s why, when you go to “”, the URL will actually say “”, and you might see the word “Outlook plastered all over the page while simultaneously being asked to sign in with your “Microsoft account”.

Now that we’ve taken care of that, let’s get on to the steps to follow to sign in Hotmail!

Steps to sign in to your Hotmail account

  • The first step we’ve already covered. Go to in your web browser, and when it redirects you to another domain that says Outlook and Microsoft account, etc., don’t worry because you’re in the right place to sign into your Hotmail account. Hotmail is, in fact, one of several different types of Microsoft accounts that you can use for associated services like OneDrive, Skype, Xbox Live, and many others.
  • The second step is to enter your Hotmail email address into the first field. If you happen to have an email address ending in Outlook, MSN, Live, or any other incarnation of Microsoft, you can use that to sign in here too. It’s all the exact same service nowadays. But it is important to type the correct domain that was given to your email address when you first created the account.
  • The third step is to type your password into the second field. Hopefully you haven’t lost track of it! Type carefully and double check whether your keyboard has caps lock enabled or not if you have any problems. You might be able to recover a lost password with your mobile phone or a backup email address if you provided that information to Microsoft.

Alternatively, you can request a single-use code to sign in to Hotmail, which will be sent to your mobile phone via SMS. This is a good option for library computers or cyber cafes where you can’t be certain that there aren’t key loggers on the PC you’re using.

The fourth step is to decide whether you want the computer (browser, really) to keep you signed in all the time. This is a convenient option if you’re the only one who uses the computer, but you’ll generally want to leave the “keep me signed in” box unchecked on any other computer.

Last step is to click on the “sign in” button. If your Hotmail login information was correct, you’ll be taken straight to your inbox!


Create Telegram Account

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Create Telegram Account. The super-secure, super-fast instant messenger app known as Telegram just continues to grow in popularity.

Considering that everyone’s worried about government surveillance these days (and there are plenty of countries in the world where that is a very valid concern), it’s no wonder that Telegram is catching on so quickly. To give you an idea of what we’re looking at here, the app was started by two brothers in Russia who wanted a way to communicate without the Russian government being able to spy on them – and thus, Telegram was born.

create telegram account

Create Telegram Account

Why create a Telegram account?

The free messaging app’s extra security features have even inspired major competitors like WhatsApp to make changes to their own apps. For example, Telegram has been offering a “secret chat” feature for years, which among other things used end-to-end encryption, meaning that the messages sent would never set foot on the app’s servers and would be almost impossible to intercept in transit. Well, if you’re a WhatsApp user, you may have noticed that as of a few months ago, whenever you start a new chat with someone, it informs you that your messages are being sent using end-to-end encryption.

There was also a bit of a hullabaloo when people discovered that they were unable to send a Telegram invitation link via Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. So suffice it to say, Telegram has something to offer, and it’s something important enough that even Facebook is feeling threatened.

To use this unique chat application, you’ll need to sign up Telegram account. But don’t worry; as you would expect from an app that sees security as its top priority, very little personal information is required and most of it is kept private even from your contacts.

How to create a Telegram account

If you have an iPhone or Android smartphone, go to your usual app market and search for “Telegram”. It should pop up as the first result. Download the application to your device just like you normally would (the app is 100% free to download and use, no subscription fees or anything like that). After the installation is finished, tap on the icon to open Telegram.

The welcome screen has a link at the bottom that says “Start Messaging”, which is what you need to tap on to get started with the Telegram sign up process. On the next screen, you need to enter you mobile phone number and double check that the country code is right. Like with most chat apps, the number will be used to send a verification code via text message. There are ways to do this without using your real phone number (Google Voice, for example), but that’s beyond the scope of this article.

Once you get the code, type it in to verify your phone number. On the next screen, you can enter your name and select a profile picture. There’s no rule that says you have to use your real name here; it depends on how easily you want your contacts to be able to recognize you.

And that’s it as far as creating your Telegram account goes. All that’s left is choosing whether or not to sync your phone’s contacts, invite more people, etc.




Gmail Email

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Gmail is one of the world’s most prominent email administrations, and there’s a great purpose behind it. Gmail makes messaging, visiting, and documenting your mail and discussions simple and advantageous. In any case in the event that you’ve quite recently made a Gmail account, then you may be overpowered by the greater part of the alternatives before you. It is very easy to use Gmail by following the below mentioned tips:-

gmail email

Gmail Email

Gmail Email

Gmail email step by step

Click “Form“. You can discover this choice close to the upper left of your screen, over the “Inbox” alternative. This will open up another email window.

  • Sort the email location of the individual you’d jump at the chance to email. When you’ve sent one email to the individual utilizing Gmail, you’ll have the capacity to get to the location simply by writing the initial couple of letters of the location or the individual’s name. On the off chance that you’d jump at the chance to email numerous individuals, simply compose their email addresses and separate them by commas.
  • Enter a subject. Enter a subject in the subject box. Writing a subject of the email isn’t obligatory, however in the event that you don’t sort one in, then a case will pop up inquiring as to whether you’re alright with sending an email without a subject before you send the email.
  • Compose your message. Compose your message underneath the title. In the event that you don’t enter a message, a pop up will come up asking will you jump at the chance to send this message without a body.
  • Send a connection (discretionary). To send a connection, basically click on the paperclip on the bottom of the email and access your machine’s hard drive to hunt down the document you’d jump at the chance to send. When you discover the record, simply click “Pick” and the document ought to be transferred to your email. This may take a minute, contingent upon the span of the record and the rate of your Internet association.
  • Embed extra data to the email. There is a mixed bag of other data that you can embed to the email notwithstanding a connection. This is what else you can do:
  • Embed a photograph. Drift your mouse to the right of the paperclip on the base of the email and a Polaroid will show up. Click on this symbol and quest for the photograph you’d get a kick out of the chance to send. When you’re carried out, simply click “Pick record.”
  • Change the font and organization of your content (discretionary). You can change the style of content by pressing the catch that resembles a huge “An” under the “Connect a File” interface on the base of the email box. You can decide to have striking, italic, underlined, extensive, medium, or little font. You can likewise change the font. You can highlight the content you’ve composed and select these alternatives to change the content, or you can select the choices and after that start writing. Here are the ways you can change your font and arranging:
  • Change the font. Your current font ought to be recorded the distance on the lowest part left. Click on the bolt to the right of the name of the font and hunt through the choices until you discover your coveted font.
  • Change the size. To change the measure of the words, simply click on the “T” to the right of the font alternatives, and select “little,” “ordinary,” “expansive,” or “immense” for the extent of your content.



Hotmail Account

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Hotmail Account. Does Hotmail even still exist? Yes, it does! Although many people aren’t aware of it – you see, Microsoft has been cleverly rebranding and re-rebranding Hotmail ever since they bought it in the late 1990s.

These days, their official web email platform is what provides the Hotmail service, so you won’t necessarily see the word “Hotmail” blazoned all over the sign up page, but they are the same thing. As of this writing, you still have the option to choose an email address that ends in instead of, although it’s not clear if this option will be phased out in the future.

So if you want to create a Hotmail account and ensure that your email address actually says “Hotmail”, it might be wise to get on that as soon as possible. Lucky for you, it’s a really easy sign up process that won’t take more than 5 minutes on the computer. You can even do it on the Outlook mobile app, if you prefer. Here are some instructions that you can follow to make sure you can sign up for a Hotmail account without running into any speedbumps or confusion.

Hotmail Account

Hotmail Account

Hotmail account

If you’re going to be signing up for Hotmail account on the computer, start by opening up your preferred web browser, and typing “” into the address bar. Now, the website that you will be taken to will not say “Hotmail” in the URL, and it probably won’t have the word Hotmail anywhere on the page. That’s okay – remember what I said about re-rebranding? What you’ll most likely see is “” in the URL, “Outlook” as the name of the page, and “Microsoft” as the type of account. Don’t worry, you’re in the right place.

Click on the link to create a new account, which should be underneath the log in box. In the sign up form, type in all the necessary information, like your first and last name, birthday, country, etc. It’s also strongly recommended that you provide a mobile number or at least a backup/secondary email address. These can be used to add an extra layer of security to your Hotmail account and will also be helpful if you ever forget your password.

You’ll have to choose a unique email address for your new Microsoft/Hotmail account, meaning it can’t be an email address that anyone else is using. Now, this next step is very important if you want a real Hotmail account and not an Outlook one: find where it says “” after your chosen email handle, and click the little arrow to open up the menu of options. One of your choices should be “” – find it and click on it to select.

Now all you have to do is pick a password to log in to your new Hotmail account in the future anytime you want to check your email, use OneDrive, Skype, etc.

Finally, prove that you’re a real human by entering the code you see into the box, agree to all the legalese, and click on “Create account” to finish setting up your new Hotmail account.




Create Viber account

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Create Viber Account. Viber is most popular application which provides the function of voice over internet protocol and is available for almost every mobile operating system.

Viber messenger allows cross-platform free calling and messaging with seamless integration to your mobile. Apart of sending text messages, users can now compose video messages and send them to their friends. Audio messages, images and file exchange are now also possible. Thanks to the recent update for the application!

Create Viber Account

Create Viber Account

Viber is the only app using currently available on almost all the mobile OSes present in the world. This includes Mac, Android, Blackberry, Bada, Symbian, Windows phone and, Microsoft Windows 8.1 and Microsoft Windows 10.

Available features and added functionality

Though tangible functions vary with the OS, Viber provides basic features to all. This contains free calling over the internet and sending text messages. Android and iOS have extended features like presence of stickers that make every conversation colorful and charming. The user interface is friendly with tab at the bottom which provides access to received messages, recent calls (received, missed and initiated), contact book. Other features can be called upon by accessing the virtual keypad.

Create Viber account

When installed, Viber messenger automatically creates a user account associate with the mobile phone number after confirming for users permission to access mobile data, messaging features, contacts access and others. The whole Viber community is represented by their mobile phone numbers, thereby eliminating the need of registering for it or managing any password or even adding each member by self. If a new contact is added to the phone, Viber checks its availability in community of hundreds of millions of users. If found, silently adds them to the Viber contact list. For those not associated with Viber, when called, it prompts to make a call or text them via mobile carrier or inviting them to the community for communicating via free features.

Over the time Viber is getting a large user base reaching every corner of the world. Therefore the company is now releasing its app in languages other than English. Till today, the application is available in more than 30 regional languages consisting of English, Arabic, Chinese (simplified and traditional), French, Greek, German and many more to write about.

Usability of Viber messenger

The physical appearance of Viber completely resembles with the built in app appeal of the mobile operating system it is installed upon. The integration with every OS to that extent is the plus point of this app and well appraised by the users. Besides this, the app is easy to use and responds quickly to the users. The calling and text messaging is instant without any reported lag. Access to the contacts is all through the app and calls either via Viber or through the GSM, both can be initiated from the same interface (due to restriction by contacting Viber users for free!)

User opinion

Viber is known for its simplistic and user friendly approach to provide a flawless experience to feel. A user of any age can easily use this app. The positive response of the application users is the key source of increasing popularity. The Viber messenger team always welcomes and responds to the complaints as well as demands of features from its community colloquially.