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Create a Gmail account

Create Gmail account. Gmail has been expanding in ubiquity since it was initially presented in 2004. With the decrease of Hotmail, AOL and Yahoo, more individuals are moving to Google’s administrations. Gmail is an email account in which messages are put away on the web as opposed to on your laptop or computer. Web email might be an adaptable alternative as you can get to messages from any computer or laptop that has internet access. Making a Gmail account is snappy and simple, and additionally allows you to get into other Google items, for example, Google Plus, Google Drive, and YouTube.

Back when Gmail was first created, believe it or not, you actually needed to get a special invitation to create a Gmail account! The new email platform was so young and experimental that they didn’t have enough resources to make it available to everyone right away. But that has changed, and now anyone can create a Gmail account without any type of special invitation or anything. Here, we have some easy instructions you can follow to create your new Gmail account.

create gmail account

Create Gmail account

Open the Gmail site. Click the blue “Make an account” option below the login box. This will take you to the “Make your Google Account” page. Creating a Gmail account makes a whole Google account that you can use to get to other Google items and administrations, many of which are available directly from your Gmail inbox (like cloud storage with Google Drive, etc.). You’ll see when you get there!

Think of a username. Your username will turn into your new Gmail email address. Have a backup plan or two ready on the off chance that your preferred name is now taken (the username must be unique and can’t be something that anyone else is using already). On the off chance that your username is not accessible, you will be given a few related choices, or you can attempt an alternate one. A good way to make a username unique is adding numbers to it; many people add their birth year or birth date to the end of their username.

Round out whatever remains of the required personal data. You will need to enter your first and last name, your birthday (for age confirmation), your telephone number on the off chance that you lose access to your account, and a backup email address. You likewise need to enter which nation you live in.

The cellular telephone number is recommended yet not strictly necessary. Google can send you content on the off chance that you lose access to your Gmail account, for example, a code to reset your password and regain access. It’s also a secure way to access your account if you turn on 2-step authentication for your Gmail account.

Complete the CAPTCHA. This is a “test” that guarantees that a genuine person is making the account (to prevent software robots from creating thousands of new Gmail accounts per minute). In the event that you can’t read it, click the “refresh” button beside the content field to get another one, or click the speaker icon to have it read aloud so you can hear the code through your computer’s speakers or headphones.

After you solve the CAPTCHA code, select your current area. Pick the country where you actually live, regardless of the possibility that you’re anticipating using the email somewhere else.

Your new Gmail account

Consent to Google’s privacy policy and terms of use. Take the time to peruse the whole privacy policy so you are mindful of what Google can and can’t do with your data. Check the box to indicate that you consent to Google’s terms.

Click “Next Step”. This will take you to your Google+ profile creation page. All Google accounts make a Google+ account when they are made (although this may be changing in the near future, as Google+ has not been very successful as a social network and there are rumors that it will be phased out fairly soon).

You can pick whether you might want to add a picture to your account, but it’s not necessary. And you can always skip this step now and come back to it later.

Choose whether you need your +1 data imported. This choice will tailor the Google +1 symbols you see over the web. On the off chance that you keep the box checked, you will be able to see the locales that your companions +1 on Google+ (again, for as long as it’s still available).

So, as you can see, it’s very easy to create a Gmail account!

gmail new account

After creating your Gmail account

Now that you’ve set up your new Gmail account, you should be taken to your new inbox automatically. There may be a welcome slide show with a little tour to get you started on how to use the most common features in the email platform. If you’ve never used Gmail before, it’s a good idea to click through the slide show – it will only take 5 minutes or so. But you can skip it if you want and figure everything out on your own.

You’ll probably also have one or two welcome emails from Google with links to additional information and tips to get started using your account.

If you want to write a new email, you can do that by clicking on the “compose” button in the upper left-hand portion of the screen. It will open a small window to write your email, meaning you can still be looking at the page you were on while also composing a message (very helpful if you need to reference another email).

Your inbox will automatically be organized into several tabs, and messages will be filtered by Google depending on where they come from. Messages that are sent from your contacts will usually go to the Primary tab, while updates from social media will go to the Social tab, etc. You can also add your own folders to keep your inbox nice and organized (for example, I have a folder specifically for online shopping receipts).

You can view and change your Gmail account settings by clicking on the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. There is an option to insert an automatic email signature, make a vacation reply, change how your emails are organized, and many other things. For most people, though, the default settings are just fine.

gmail inbox

Other tools in your Gmail account

Up in the upper right-hand corner, next to your profile picture (if you selected one), there is another icon that looks like a set of tiles or a grid. If you click this, you’ll open a dropdown menu of the other Google tools and services that you can use with your new Gmail account.

For example, you can go to Google Drive and upload documents to your own private cloud storage account. This is helpful for freeing up space on memory cards or mobile devices, and can also be used to share large files with others and collaborate on documents, presentations, etc. Google Photos is another cloud storage tool specifically for photos, with extra functions like photo editing and automatic sync with your mobile device.

You also have access to Google Calendar, which can be linked to your Gmail for email reminders, and events can be shared with other people. If you ever notice that you get an email from someone with a day or date in it, it will often have a light-colored, dashed underline; this means that you can click on it to automatically add an event to the calendar for that day or date. It’s really convenient and intuitive.

Aside from that, you can access your Google Play account if you use an Android phone or tablet, go to Google Maps, have your own YouTube account, and much more – all from creating a Gmail account!

gmail tools

Video Tutorial

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Gmail Email

Gmail is one of the world’s most prominent email administrations, and there’s a great purpose behind it. Gmail makes messaging, visiting, and documenting your mail and discussions simple and advantageous. In any case in the event that you’ve quite recently made a Gmail account, then you may be overpowered by the greater part of the alternatives before you. It is very easy to use Gmail by following the below mentioned tips:-

gmail email

Gmail Email

Gmail email step by step. Click “Form”. You can discover this choice close to the upper left of your screen, over the “Inbox” alternative. This will open up another email window.

Sort the email location of the individual you’d jump at the chance to email. When you’ve sent one email to the individual utilizing Gmail, you’ll have the capacity to get to the location simply by writing the initial couple of letters of the location or the individual’s name. On the off chance that you’d jump at the chance to email numerous individuals, simply compose their email addresses and separate them by commas.

Enter a subject. Enter a subject in the subject box. Writing a subject of the email isn’t obligatory, however in the event that you don’t sort one in, then a case will pop up inquiring as to whether you’re alright with sending an email without a subject before you send the email.

Compose your message. Compose your message underneath the title. In the event that you don’t enter a message, a pop up will come up asking will you jump at the chance to send this message without a body.

Send a connection (discretionary). To send a connection, basically click on the paperclip on the bottom of the email and access your machine’s hard drive to hunt down the document you’d jump at the chance to send. When you discover the record, simply click “Pick” and the document ought to be transferred to your email. This may take a minute, contingent upon the span of the record and the rate of your Internet association.

Embed extra data to the email. There is a mixed bag of other data that you can embed to the email notwithstanding a connection. This is what else you can do:

Embed a photograph. Drift your mouse to the right of the paperclip on the base of the email and a Polaroid will show up. Click on this symbol and quest for the photograph you’d get a kick out of the chance to send. When you’re carried out, simply click “Pick record.”

Change the font and organization of your content (discretionary). You can change the style of content by pressing the catch that resembles a huge “An” under the “Connect a File” interface on the base of the email box. You can decide to have striking, italic, underlined, extensive, medium, or little font. You can likewise change the font. You can highlight the content you’ve composed and select these alternatives to change the content, or you can select the choices and after that start writing. Here are the ways you can change your font and arranging:

Change the font. Your current font ought to be recorded the distance on the lowest part left. Click on the bolt to the right of the name of the font and hunt through the choices until you discover your coveted font.

Change the size. To change the measure of the words, simply click on the “T” to the right of the font alternatives, and select “little,” “ordinary,” “expansive,” or “immense” for the extent of your content.


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Gmail sign up

These days, the Gmail sign up process is just as quick and easy as any other free email platform, but that wasn’t always the case. When Google first released a beta version of to the public, after having used it already for the company’s internal email system, there was a need to keep things small in the early phases of beta testing. This is because Google had decided to offer 1 GB of free storage space for Gmail for every user, which frankly was insane at the time – this is in 2004, when the standard storage space offered in free email was less than 5 MB. Furthermore, the Gmail development team had limited technical resources to support all this storage space.

gmail sign upGmail sign up

Invitations for Gmail signup

The solution to this problem was to give only 1000 select people the ability to create a Gmail account when it was first released on April Fool’s Day, 2004. These 1000 users then had the option to send a limited number of Gmail invitations to their family and friends.

The entire beta testing phase for Gmail lasted nearly 5 years, and during that time Gmail sign up invitations were a hot commodity. You couldn’t just go to the website and sign up for a new account unless you had an invitation, and people were even turning to eBay to buy and sell invitations!

Luckily, Gmail sign up invitations are a thing of the past, and you no longer have to go searching for them on eBay or on special invitation swap sites. Today’s Gmail sign up process, as I said, is very quick and easy. In this article, we’ve got step by step instructions for you to create your new Gmail account.

Steps to sign up for Gmail

First, you have the option to sign up for Gmail using their website on your PC or Mac computer, or using their mobile app. You can go to the website by going to, or download the app from your device’s official store (if you have an Android, Gmail should already be installed as a system app).

Whether you go to the website or the mobile app, Gmail will take you to their sign in page, where you would enter your email address and password if you had one. Since you don’t have an account yet, click on the link to “create account” below the sign in box.

On the Gmail sign up page, you’ll have to choose your account username/email address, password, and enter some basic information like your name, mobile phone number and an alternate email address. Your username has to be unique, and Google will tell you if you need to try something else because someone has already taken the name you selected.

It’s highly recommended to enter a mobile number and a backup email address; this gives you a way to recover your account in case you ever forget your Gmail password.

Finally, type in the Captcha code to prove you’re not a robot, indicate that you agree to Google’s TOS and Privacy Policy, and click the button that says “Next step”.

That’s it! You just signed up for a new Gmail account, and you’ll be taken to your inbox for a quick tour. Don’t forget to check out all the other awesome tools you get with your Gmail account, like Google Drive, YouTube, Calendars, Hangouts, and more.





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How to Create a New Gmail Account

There are many reasons why you might need to create a new Gmail account and email address. Maybe you’re interested in having access to all of the useful tools that Google gives you when you sign up for Gmail, or maybe you’re tired of constantly reaching your inbox limit on other email platforms with less storage capacity. Or maybe you just need an email that sounds more professional than – whatever the case may be, opening a Gmail account is a simple and quick process. All you need to get started is a computer or mobile device with an internet connection, and ideally either a cell phone number or alternative email address for verification/password recovery (more on that later).

How to Create a New Gmail Account

Create a Gmail Account

How to open a Gmail account

First, start by going to the Gmail homepage. You can get there by typing “” or “” into the address bar of your internet browser, or you can simply search in Google for “gmail” and click on the first link to go to the Gmail landing page.

Now, what you will probably see is a sign-in box where you would enter your Gmail username and password to login to your account if you had one – but don’t worry! Near the bottom of the screen, there will be a link that says “Create account”. Click on it to go to the Gmail registration page.

Creating your new Gmail account

On this page, you’ll enter in your basic information, such as your name, gender, and date of birth. This is also where you will select your new Gmail username, which will be the first part of your new “” email address. Many people try to incorporate some part of their name and/or initials into their Gmail username, especially if they will be using it as a professional email address on their resume and job applications. This also makes it easier for your contacts to identify you when you send them a message.

But your username also has to be unique, so if you have a common name, you might have to add some numbers or professional info to create a unique username. For example, if your name was John W. Smith, chances are good that “”, “” and “” are already taken. Instead, you could try something like jwsmith0165, or jwsmithphotography, or anything that makes sense for you and your email account.

Once you have your Gmail username picked out, it’s time to create a password. Try to make a strong password that other people won’t be able to guess, but also one that you’ll be able to remember. Google will let you know if your password is too weak; you can make your passwords stronger by adding capital letters, numbers and special characters. When you have a good password, type it in again to confirm.

Google wants you to link your new Gmail account to an existing email address and/or your cell phone number. This adds security to your account and gives you the option of two-step authentication, and will also help you reset your password if you forget it and get locked out of your Gmail account.

Creating your new Gmail account

Just one more step to setup your Gmail account

Now all that’s left is to check the box indicating that you agree to Google’s TOS, and enter the captcha text to prove you’re not a robot. Click “Next step”… and you’re done! You have a brand new Gmail account with access to Google’s other awesome tools and 15GB of free inbox space.

gmail inboxGmail Official site

Gmail Login


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How to Make a Google Account in Three Easy Steps

It’s a bit pointless to talk about Google search and its fame (as far as I’m concerned, they control the world), but are you aware of all the different services offered by Google? You have probably heard about Google search engine; we all use it, and the word “Google” is even used as a verb to mean “search the internet”. But what about their other services? I was shocked when I told my friend that I would send him an email from my Gmail account, and he didn’t know what Gmail was! So, for my friend and anyone out there who hasn’t heard of Gmail or needs a little help getting their Google account set up, this article will explain everything you need to know.
Gmail is Google’s email service which you can use to send or receive emails, just like any other mailing service you might have used before, like Yahoo or Outlook. Having a Gmail account also gives you access to tons of other Google services, like Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google +, and many others. So, let’s find out how to create a new Google account.

First step: Going to the Gmail website

Go to the Gmail website by typing in your browser’s address bar:, or simply by searching for Gmail in Google search. After navigating to the website, you will see the following page:


Second step: Creating an account

The next step is to click on “Create account” at the bottom of the page. This will lead you to the following screen:

This screen is divided into two parts; the upper part asks for your personal information, including your first and last name, a username (this will be your Gmail email address), a good password, your birthday, your gender and your mobile phone number.

When you choose your username, you have to create a unique one or choose from the suggested usernames displayed by Google. Note that when selecting your password, try to choose a mixture of capital and lowercase letters, as well as numbers and special characters so it is as strong as possible. It should be easy for you to remember, but hard for other people to guess (not your pet’s name, for example). Also, when you confirm your password don’t copy and paste it; type it again just in case you made a mistake typing it the first time. In the mobile phone box, make sure to choose your country if Google doesn’t set it by default.

The second part of this page is to verify that you’re not a robot. For security reasons, Google will ask you to enter some letters or numbers that appear in a picture to make sure you are a real person. You have two alternatives to this step: the first one is to listen to a voice recording and write the code that you have heard, and the second is to skip this step by checking the box above the picture and instead receive a text message for verification on your mobile phone.

After you prove that you’re human, mark the checkbox that says, “I agree to the Google Terms of Service and Privacy policy”. Then click “Next step”.

Third step: Getting into your account

Now it’s time to congratulate you on your new Google account, because in this step you will see the Google welcome screen.


On this page, click on “Continue to Gmail”, and on the next page Google will show you a small presentation about how to use it. You can skip this slideshow but it’s helpful and worth reading if you’re new to Gmail. For more tips and advice, Google will send you three messages by default. Your email is ready to use right now, but if you want to personalize it, you can go to your profile settings and add more information to you Gmail account, including a profile picture that will appear for all your contacts. It’s also worth mentioning that Google provides you with 15 GB of free space in your inbox, so you might never have to delete an email if you don’t want to.

Ready to make a Google account of your very own? Sign up for a new one now; it’s quick, easy and free.

Gmail Official site

Gmail Login

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